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Greenwich Stop Smoking Service has over 300 trained advisors in pharmacies, GP practices and Charlton Athletic Community Trust’s ‘Kick the Habit’ street teams across the Royal Borough so free support to stop smoking is just around the corner.

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We have been helping local residents to stop smoking for over ten years and currently help over 1,800 smokers quit every year. We can:

  • Help work out the best way to quit for you
  • Test the age of your lungs, as well as your carbon monoxide levels
  • Help set your quit date
  • Help you resist cravings and quit for good

Although many people attempt to quit on their own you are four times more likely to quit for good with support from us. If you’re not successful the first time you can come back at any point. We’re always here to help until you quit for good.


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To watch more about the 'Kick the Habit' project click here

Kick The Habit

Call our free Stop Smoking hotline on 0800 470 4831
Text 'QUIT' to 60060 or email us at