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How much are you
spending on cigarettes?

After the 2012 Budget earlier this year, the average price of a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is £7.40. You don’t need to smoke many a day before the costs start to significantly add up.

Smoking 20 cigarettes (1 packet) a day, even on a monthly basis, will cost you a significant amount of money. And remember; if there’s more than one of you who smokes in your household think how much this cost will multiply!

It costs £0.37 to smoke 1 per day.

This cost soon adds up - smoking 1 a day
will cost you:

  • £2.59 per week
  • £11.10 per month
  • £135.05 per year
  • £675.25 over 5 years
  • £1,350.50 over 10 years
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